Ian King's Los Angeles

Meet Ian King. He Loves LA.

Ian King is a truely unique man whose diverse interests and talents span the realms of art, real estate, spirituality, human connection, and legal expertise. As a non-practicing attorney, Ian leverages his skills to foster harmony and resolve conflicts. His ventures, including the Los Angeles Art Collective, Los Angeles Homes, and Laughing 4 Love, showcase his dedication to enriching the lives of Angelenos and nurturing the city’s vibrant culture.

Los Angeles Art Collective

Ian’s deep appreciation for art led him to establish the Los Angeles Art Collective, a public initiative that celebrates the city’s artistic spirit. This collective brings together artists, enthusiasts, and the general public to experience LA’s best art free of charge. Regular events include gallery tours, street art walks, and art appreciation nights at iconic locations like the Arts District and The Broad Museum. The collective not only highlights established artists but also provides a platform for emerging talents, fostering a thriving artistic community.

Los Angeles Homes

As a seasoned real estate investor, Ian King has a profound understanding of the Los Angeles property market. His company, Los Angeles Homes, specializes in buying, selling, and managing properties across LA, Orange County, and even Las Vegas. Ian owns six properties, each reflecting his eye for quality and potential. He invests in neighborhoods like Beverly Hills, Silver Lake, Studio City, and Santa Monica, helping clients find their dream homes while making strategic investments himself. His real estate business is grounded in a commitment to enhancing the living standards and aesthetics of the communities he serves.

Laughing 4 Love

Ian’s belief in the power of positive human connections led him to create Laughing 4 Love, an organization dedicated to resolving conflicts through laughter and love. This initiative aims to bring people together in a fun, lighthearted environment, using humor and empathy to bridge divides and foster understanding. Laughing 4 Love hosts events like comedy nights, laughter yoga sessions, and conflict resolution workshops, helping participants navigate personal and professional disputes with grace and good humor.

Los Angeles Life Connection

To address the post-COVID-19 social isolation, Ian founded Los Angeles Life Connection, a social organization designed to reconnect the city’s residents. This initiative encourages people to "live" more fully, emphasizing the importance of human interaction. With a diverse membership ranging from business executives to ordinary citizens, Los Angeles Life Connection hosts a variety of events, such as monthly mixers, cultural outings, outdoor adventures, wellness workshops, and volunteer opportunities. The organization aims to rebuild the city’s social fabric and remind people of the value of community.

Spirituality and Human Connection

Ian Mitchell King’s approach to life is deeply rooted in spirituality and the belief that human connection is essential for well-being. He integrates mindfulness and holistic practices into his personal and professional life, offering wellness workshops and retreats through his various organizations. Whether it’s a meditation session at Griffith Park or a mindfulness workshop in Silver Lake, Ian’s initiatives are designed to help people find inner peace and connect with themselves at a deeper level.

Non-Practicing Attorney and Dispute Resolution

Ian's background as a non-practicing attorney specializing in mediation and conflict resolution is a testament to his problem-solving skills and dedication to harmony. Known as Los Angeles' Guru for dispute resolution, Ian helps individuals and businesses resolve conflicts efficiently and amicably. His approach saves parties time and money by avoiding lengthy legal battles. Whether mediating business disputes in Century City, resolving landlord-tenant conflicts in Westwood, or settling neighbor disputes in Hollywood Hills, Ian’s expertise ensures fair and satisfactory outcomes.

Socializing and Community Building

Ian’s love for socializing and community building is evident in every venture he undertakes. His initiatives are designed to bring people together, whether through art appreciation, real estate investment, conflict resolution, or simply enjoying life’s moments. Ian’s events, from community picnics at Echo Park Lake to wellness workshops in Silver Lake, are all aimed at fostering connections and enhancing the communal spirit of Los Angeles.

A Vision for Los Angeles

Ian Mitchell King’s vision for Los Angeles is one of a vibrant, connected, and culturally rich community. Through his various organizations and businesses, he strives to make the city a better place for all its residents. Whether through art, real estate, spirituality, or social engagement, Ian’s multifaceted approach reflects his deep love for LA and his unwavering commitment to its people.

In essence, Ian King is a man whose diverse interests and professional endeavors are all geared towards creating a more connected and enriched Los Angeles. His initiatives serve as a testament to his belief in the power of community and the importance of human connection in making life truly fulfilling.